Policy Papers

A soft law mechanism for sovereign debt restructuring based on the UN Principles; International Policy Analysis, FES New York, October 2016 (with Joseph E. Stiglitz) – [SLIDES] –  Also in [Español]

Definitional Issues in the IMF Debt Sustainability Analysis Framework: A Proposal. CIGI Policy Brief No. 77; May 2, 2016

Frameworks for Sovereign Debt Restructuring, IPD-CIGI-CGEG Policy Brief; January 26, 2015 (with Joseph E. StiglitzDomenico LombardiJosé Antonio Ocampo, and Jan Svejnar)

In the Quest of a Framework for Sovereign Debt Restructuring — background article for the Conference on “Frameworks for Sovereign Debt Restructuring”, Columbia University; November 17, 2014